Road rage in Hertfordshire

Road rage affects everyone at some point. Have you ever found yourself boiling over and experiencing road rage in Hertfordshire, because of someone else’s actions as you try to get from one place to another?

Pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and motorcyclists can all find they succumb to the competitiveness of our roads and path ways. Road rage can be seen as a negative symptom of stress. If you are running late or feel over stretched it is more likely that you will find you experience road rage. It is also easy to forget that others have busy schedules they are trying to keep. Do you ever stop to consider other people as you travel?

Instead of getting angry and worked up you might find it useful to reframe the experience. I like to think those drivers who are a bit eager to get past are trying to get to the hospital with a woman in labour in the car. Why else would they be in such a rush?! With one born every minute it’s entirely possible that this is true and if it’s not, you are left feeling less angry because of the less courteous drivers out there.

Transport for London are running a share the road campaign at the moment, the ‘Voice of Reason’ advert is only 1 minute long and is quite though provoking. You can find the link here – Share The Road


If you are finding that stress is making you act out in rage we can assist you in finding coping strategies to reduce your stress levels and make life a more pleasurable experience. Contact us today on 01438 358174 to discuss your goals further.