Exercise motivation with hypnotherapy!

Podcast 18: Exercise motivation with hypnotherapy. Today I’ll be talking about exercise, what happens if we don’t exercise and the benefits of regular exercise. And also how you can use hypnotherapy to build your motivation to exercise.

There will also be a free hypnotherapy audio at the end of this podcast to help build exercise motivation that you can enjoy, keep and come back to time and time again.

In the last two podcasts I’ve talked about building a better body image and how to manage your weight with hypnotherapy. These podcasts link together with this week’s to form a strong base that will help you achieve the ideal you.

We live less active lifestyles nowadays, we relax in front of the TV or computer and we walk less than ever. Using cars or public transport to get around. Fewer people are doing manual work, more jobs involve sitting at a desk now. Machines wash our clothes and dishes which is really helpful but means we move less and burn less calories than we would have in past generations. I love my dishwasher and I couldn’t imagine living without the washing machine so getting rid of these is NOT an option!

What are the benefits of exercise? Exercise lowers your risk of

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Stress
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Regulates your mood
  • Helps you work through challenges
  • Gives you a break from daily challenges
  • Helps you feel good about yourself
  • Endorphins are released

Hypnotherapy can help you build motivation to exercise in many different ways, you can challenge the reasons you use not to exercise and find ways to overcome these. Build your self esteem and confidence, feeling better about yourself will help you make the changes you want to without it feeling like a punishment.

You can improve your focus and concentration which allows you put your problems aside so you can enjoy your practice. Are you anxious about exercise or what others will think of you? You can overcome these negative emotions in a calm, relaxed way!

Hypnotherapy can also help you visualise success! Being able to see yourself achieving your goals will make it easier to achieve those goals, whatever they may be.

Today’s podcast will include techniques you can use to build motivation to exercise and to visualise your success in a relaxed and calm state of body and mind.

There are numerous techniques that can help you build motivation to exercise so if you find you need more help visit www.altptherapies.co.uk to have a bespoke recording made for you with your challenges in mind.

Thanks for listening, see you next week!