Improve sports performance hypnotherapy

Podcast 23: Improve sports performance with hypnotherapy. Today I’ll be briefly talking about

  • How to make the most of your skills when you’re playing sport
  • Why some people experience performance anxiety
  • And my 5 top tips to help you improve sports performance which will include information on how you can use hypnotherapy to perform with confidence.

There will also be a free hypnotherapy audio at the end of this podcast that you can enjoy, keep and come back to time and time again.

The Olympic games Rio 2016 are at the halfway mark and with another week of action to come I thought now would be a great time to talk about getting the most out of your skills and improve sports performance.

You need to train your body so you are performing at your best ability but what happens if our mind isn’t part of this training regime?

I quite like the analogy of being in a boat that needs to be rowed towards your goal. One oar is training hard and making sure you keep your body fit and healthy, trying to row with just this one oar will get you some success but you’ll probably just find yourself rowing in circles, never able to progress to the next level. You need to also train your mind, this is the other oar. Having both of these helps you get to where you want to be with a lot less effort than one oar alone!

Performance anxiety will affect us all differently but will be experienced by us all at some point to some degree.

This could be experienced in many different ways, it’s commonly those usual symptoms of the fight or flight response

  • Rapid heart beat
  • Dry mouth
  • Racing, unfocused thoughts or your mind can go blank
  • Fear of failure or worrying you will get something wrong
  • Seeing yourself perform badly
  • Doubting your abilities
  • Feeling sick or having an unsettled feeling in your stomach or chest

When you are at the peak of your sports performance you

  • feel focused on the moment, with no negative internal chatter or any fear of your mind going blank
  • feel relaxed
  • feel energised and ready to compete
  • calm breathing and confident body language
  • feel confident in your abilities and be free of internal conflicts
  • enjoy yourself and keep motivated
  • free of internal conflicts
  • you can see your own success

Listen to this week’s podcast for my 5 top tips to help you improve your sports performance!


Today’s podcast will include a sports performance hypnotherapy technique you can use to broadly enhance your sports performance and build your confidence as an athlete. There are many techniques that we can use to help you improve sports performance so if you find you need more help visit to have a bespoke recording made for you with your challenges in mind.


Thanks for listening, see you next week!