Keep healthy with hypnotherapy

Podcast 24: Keep healthy with hypnotherapy. Today I’ll be briefly talking about
  • Keeping healthy
  • Why we experience random illness
  • And my 5 top tips to keeping healthy including how you can use hypnotherapy to boost your immune system and fight off any random illnesses.
There will also be a free hypnotherapy audio at the end of this podcast that you can enjoy, keep and come back to time and time again.

When I talk about feeling healthy in this podcast I’m referring to your usual state and illness as those pesky colds, coughs and other bugs we catch from time to time, especially as the weather starts to cool down over the next few weeks.

These illnesses could be a bacterial infection, which is caused by bacteria, or a viral infection which is caused by a virus. Each of these types of infection can cause fever or irritability so it can make it difficult to figure out where you got sick. Both types of infection are spread in basically the same way.

When we pick up an illness it can leave us feeling pretty wiped out. You might feel

  • A bit sick
  • Loss of appetite
  • Going from hot to cold
  • Having a high temperature
  • Feeling achy all over
  • Experiencing headaches
  • Feeling tired or lethargic
  • Feeling tightness in your chest or even experiencing a cough or sore throat

You might also worry you’re neglecting your loved ones or underperforming at work which can lead to guilt or disappointment in yourself because you need to take time to rest and recover from your minor illness.

Listen to this week’s podcast for my 5 top tips to help you improve your immune system and keep healthy with hypnotherapy.

Today’s podcast will also include a technique you can use to help build your immune system and keep healthy. There are many techniques that we can use to help you improve your health so if you find you need more help visit to have a bespoke recording made for you with your challenges in mind.

Thanks for listening, see you next week!