Stop nail biting with hypnotherapy

Podcast 20: Stop nail biting with hypnotherapy. Today I’ll be briefly talking about

  • Why people bite their nails
  • The negative impacts this can have
  • And my 5 top tips to help you stop the habit

We will also look at how you can use hypnotherapy to change your subconscious patterns and stop nail biting for good!

There will also be a free hypnotherapy audio at the end of this podcast that you can enjoy, keep and come back to time and time again.

Why do people bite their nails? Nail biting is usually a subconscious pattern that you’re unaware of doing. Is it just your nails or do you chew or pick the sides of your fingers or your cuticles too?

This is usually a bad habit that kids grow out of in time, or are shamed into stopping but some people continue to bite their nails long into adulthood where it can have many different negative impacts

Are you more prone to nail biting when you’re

People bite their nails for different reasons. Is it a time killer or a stress management tool? Do you get some satisfaction out of biting? Is there any reward?

There are many different negative impacts which can include

  • Damage to your fingers
  • Pain, discomfort and bleeding
  • Shame or embarrassment
  • Nail infections
  • Frustration
  • Illness
  • Damage to your teeth

Which can cause their own added problems. Has your nail biting habit stopped you from

  • Socialising with friends or not wanting to meet new people?
  • Dating, do you find yourself thinking “who would want me and my manky hands”?
  • Going for a promotion?
  • Or held you back from doing something?
  • Do you avoid situations because of the look of your fingers?
  • Made you feel like a failure?

If you bite your nails as a stress management tool but the look of your hands is making you feel stressed the habit can begin to feed itself, you are caught in a downward spiral that can be difficult to break out of on your own.

How can you stop nail biting for good? You’ve probably tried different techniques without much success. Going cold turkey can be difficult if you’re telling yourself all day “don’t bite your nails, don’t bite your nails” If I ask you not to think of a purple elephant you have to think of that elephant to know what you shouldn’t be thinking about. It’s the way our brains work so really you’re telling yourself time and time again to think about nail biting. Which will erode even the strongest will-power over time and lead you back to nail biting. It’s also difficult to stop with will power if you’re unaware you’re nail biting, if it’s a subconscious pattern the damage is done before you realise what’s happening.

How can you stop nail biting with hypnotherapy?

If you experienced pleasure from biting this can be changed to pleasure when you file your nails or something else you find pleasurable. We can use positive suggestions that are reinforced with repetition to change your subconscious reactions and patterns of behaviour.

You can create the success in your mind during trance, being able to see yourself succeeding will help you achieve that success.

You can learn to manage stress and anxiety, deep relaxation helps you cope with the day to day stress we experience. Hypnotherapy can also help you build your self esteem and confidence which will help you build your determination to succeed and help you get back on track if you do find yourself nail biting after you’ve committed to stopping.

Today’s podcast includes a technique you can use to help you change the subconscious pattern of nail biting and suggestions to help build your confidence and live life with more energy. There are numerous techniques that can help you stop nail biting so if you find you need more help visit to have a bespoke recording made for you with your challenges in mind.


Thanks for listening, see you next week!