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Mindfulness exercise

Investing a few minutes of your day into your wellbeing can make all the difference to your mental health. Set aside a few minutes, maybe the time it takes to drink your morning tea or coffee, when you can be quiet and won’t be disturbed to practice this mindfulness exercise.

Begin by bringing your attention to your breath. Notice your breathing as you slowly breathe in and out, perhaps imagining  a balloon in your stomach, noticing the sensations in your stomach as the balloon inflates on the in breath and deflates on the out breath.

Notice any feelings you have and where they are felt.

Name the emotion:

  • What is it?
  • What word best describes what you are feeling?
  • Angry, sad, anxious, irritated, scared, frustrated?

Accept the emotion. It’s a normal body reaction. It can be helpful to understand how it came about – think of the circumstances that have contributed to you feeling this way. Try not to condone or judge the emotion, simply let it move through you without resisting it or encouraging it.

Investigate the emotion:

  • How intense is the feeling?
  • How are you breathing?
  • What are you feeling in your body? Where do you feel it?
  • Where do you notice muscle tension?
  • What is your posture like when you feel this emotion?
  • What is your facial expression? What does your face feel like?
  • Is anything changing? Such as the nature of the feeling, the position or intensity?

What thoughts or judgements do you notice? Focus on those thoughts, allow them to come into your mind and allow them to pass. If you find you are engaging with the thoughts by judging them or yourself for having them, believing them or struggling against them; notice what you are doing and bring your attention back to your breathing and to the physical sensations of the emotion.

If any other emotions come up or if anything changes simply notice and repeat the steps above. Notice the feelings change over time.

As you become more practiced you can use this mindfulness technique when you feel more intense emotions in times of stress. It might also be helpful to keep a note of your emotions and your investigations in a short diary, this can show you if there are any patterns to your emotions or reactions to situations.

If you are finding this technique difficult to master, try starting with our other blog  Simple Mindfulness exercise first and progress to this exercise when you are more comfortable with being mindful.

Building stress management tools like this mindfulness exercise into your daily routine can positively influence for your mental health and the way you react to the outside world. If you need more help with managing stress or anxiety call us today on 01438 358174.

Simple mindfulness exercise

How mindful are you on a daily basis? Do you find you have a string of thoughts that jump from one to the next without a break?  Always thinking about what’s next and not enjoying the moment can leave you feeling overwhelmed so investing a few minutes into practicing this simple mindfulness exercise can make a huge positive impact on your life.





Research shows that people who take a few minutes each day to actively savour something that they would usually rush experience, on average, a higher percentage of positive emotions and fewer depressive ones. A few examples are walking the dog, eating a meal or having a hot drink.

cupA very simple way to start being more mindful is to focus on your morning tea or coffee for the time it takes you to drink it. Forget all other distractions such as the TV, radio or your phone and really savour the moment by immersing yourself in the minute details of your beverage. Allow any thoughts or feelings to pass without judgement or engagement.

Begin to notice the

  • Smell
  • Colour
  • Feel
  • Taste
  • Texture

How does it feel

  • In your hands
  • On your lips
  • On your tongue

If any unwanted feelings or thoughts distract you acknowledge them, allow them to pass and go back to your practice. The more you do this, the easier it will become so try to start every day with this simple technique or build it into your daily routine and eat a mindful lunch.

Building stress management tools like mindfulness into your routine will do wonders for your mental healthy and the way you react to the outside world. If you need more help with managing stress or anxiety call us today on 01438 358174.