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Are you looking for CBT in Letchworth, or CBT in Hertfordshire? Look no further, it would be our pleasure to assist you in unlocking your full potential.

What is CBT?

CBT is a great tool to assist in changing your behaviours and reactions by focusing on how you maintain your problems and not the root cause. Sometimes it is the coping mechanism we choose to protect ourselves with that does the most long term damage, without us being aware that we are self sabotaging.

CBT shows you how to change and develop alternative ways of thinking things through. This allows you to try out new ideas and strategies to find alternatives to toxic thoughts or unhelpful behaviours.

How can CBT help?

Many CBT techniques will seem like every day common sense. This is because CBT is a sensible and straightforward approach to assisting you overcome your problem behaviours.

  • Cognitive refers to thought processes like thinking, recalling a memory or dreaming. You will experience positive and negative cognitions throughout your day, you will hold values and beliefs about yourself, those around you and the world in general. Sometimes these beliefs can become too rigid and can then become less helpful to us.
  • Behaviour refers to your physical responses and includes what you say, or don’t say, the type of actions you take, how you respond to problems and what you tend to avoid. A person with social anxiety might avoid large social gatherings, this could then lead to a more restrictive avoidance of people and the outside world.
  • Therapy is the systematic approcah to overcoming a problem or illness.

With CBT you need to go back to your ABCs: you experience an Activating event, which leads to Beliefs and thoughts which then lead to a physically, or emotionally, experienced Consequence.

  • Activating event – this includes how you see yourself, your past experiences, the world around you and events you live through.
  • Beliefs and thoughts – such as the demands you make on yourself, any rules you abide by, your self belief, your attitude and your frame of mind.
  • Consequences – Are you experiencing helpful or unhelpful feelings, and do they lead to constructive or destructive behaviour?

For example: if an anxious person thinks of a party they are going to attend, they might think “people will think I’m stupid, they won’t want to talk to me” or “what if I can’t think of anything to say”, and a whole cascade of other negative thoughts.
The person’s internal belief could then add to this negative pattern with the thought that they are stupid or not worth talking to, and will ultimately make a fool of them self.
This could lead to the consequence of the person avoiding the party so that they don’t have to experience the physical symptoms of the anxiety. These could include heart palpitations, clammy skin, a feeling of nausea or even a panic attack. These reactions will feed into each other.

cbt diagram







CBT techniques allow us to explore more positive beliefs and thoughts which will change the consequences and the experience you have when dealing with challenging situations, whatever they might be.

cbt diagram2







Are you looking for CBT in Letchworth? Please call us on 01438 358174 to book an assessment today, or to discuss your goals further.


As is common in therapy, results may vary from individual to individual and no specific outcome can be promised or guaranteed. Your therapist will however, endeavour to accomplish the objective of your sessions to the best of her ability.

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