Alopecia hypnotherapy podcast

Podcast 22: Overcome alopecia or hair loss with hypnotherapy. In today’s alopecia hypnotherapy podcast I’ll be briefly talking about

  • Stress related hair loss and alopecia
  • How stress can cause hair loss
  • 5 top tips to help you manage stress and also how you can use hypnotherapy to help you overcome the symptoms of alopecia

There will also be a free hypnotherapy audio at the end of this alopecia hypnotherapy podcast that you can enjoy, keep and come back to time and time again.

There are many reasons this could be hereditary, a side effect from medication, age related pattern baldness or many other reasons so if you are experiencing hair loss it’s always a good idea to speak to your GP.

We’ll be focusing on stress related hair loss today but if you’re losing your hair because of another reason hypnotherapy can still be helpful, if you’re stressed because of the hair loss the stress could cause more hair loss so reducing stress is always a good idea!

There are a few different types of alopecia

  • Alopecia areata ? this is patches of baldness that are a bit bigger than a large coin.
  • Alopecia totalis – all of the hair on the scalp is gone.
  • Alopecia universalis – no hair on the entire body.
  • Scarring alopecia – this is usually caused by complications of another condition. In this type of alopecia the hair follicle is destroyed and hair won’t grow back.

It’s not known exactly why some people experience hair loss but this can sometimes be triggered by stress. Alopecia is a condition that affects around one in a thousand. Even the healthiest person with no family history of hair loss can experience alopecia in some form.

Hair loss can be difficult to cope with for men and women. Hair can be seen as our crowning glory, so losing this when you’re young or at a vulnerable time in your life can really knock your confidence or self esteem. Hair loss is one thing but what about the other challenges this can cause?

  • You might have avoided an activity you enjoy such as swimming or socialising because you don’t want people to notice your hair loss.
  • Do you worry how people will perceive you? Or if loved ones will feel the same about you?
  • Have you avoided dating because you feel someone can’t love you the way you are?
  • Do you feel anger or resentment? Or find yourself asking “why me?”
  • Do you berate yourself or blame yourself for your hair loss?
  • It can also mean you style your hair differently or start to use hats or bandannas to hide your hair loss. A change in appearance can invite comments or compliments from friends and family which can make you feel more self conscious. The thing you’re doing to try to take attention away from our hair can do the opposite and draw attraction to your hair.
  • It can make you feel like you’ve lost part of your identity.

The good news is not all anxiety related hair loss is permanent. If stress and anxiety are the main reasons for your hair loss, reducing that stress or anxiety can help your hair come back. There are some people who will find their hair doesn’t grow back, no matter what the root cause is but it’s always helpful to use relaxation techniques to help manage your anxieties to help reduce your risk of more hair loss that is stress related and to reduce the anxiety experienced because of your hair loss.

Today’s alopecia hypnotherapy podcast will include a metaphor to encourage hair growth. There are many techniques that we can use to help you overcome hair loss so if you find you need more help visit to have a bespoke recording made for you with your challenges in mind.


Thanks for listening, see you next week!