Overcome anxiety with hypnotherapy

Podcast 26: Overcome anxiety with hypnotherapy. Today I’ll be briefly talking about
  • Back to school stress
  • The different challenges you might face
  • And my 5 top tips to help you control anxiety including how you can use hypnotherapy to reduce anxiety

There will also be a free hypnotherapy audio at the end of this podcast that you can enjoy, keep and come back to time and time again.

In episode 15 I looked at stress and how you can manage this with hypnotherapy and I’d highly recommend listening to this as it will give you more information on how stress affect us and the other challenges that stress and anxiety can create within us. I also don’t want to repeat all of the info from that podcast so please, go back and have a listen after this podcast!

Anxiety is a by product of stress, that old saying there’s no smoke without fire well, there’s definitely no anxiety without stress.

You might experience
  • Racing thoughts
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Sweaty palms
  • Blushing
  • Tightness in your throat
  • A churning in your stomach

This can be an easily ignored challenge at first but can progress into more damaging symptoms such as

Do you experience
  • Specific worry
  • Generalised worry
  • Fears or phobias which stop you from living the life you want
  • Panic attacks
  • O.C.D
  • Unwanted habits such as nail biting, hair pulling or eating, picking your skin, biting your lips

Anyone can experience anxiety, from the smallest child to the oldest pensioner. Anxiety is very subjective, one person’s fear is another’s excitement. This can change day to day or minute by minute depending on the situation and how you’re feeling.

This can be because of a large stress, such as an exam or after a series of small stresses that build up. It is common to be unaware when we are anxious or stressed, we can change this by being more aware of our behaviours when we are anxious and noticing the signs when anxiety starts to creep in and begin to affect our lives.

Anxiety can be because of
  • Abuse or victimisation
  • The death of a loved one
  • Personal relationships
  • Work or not working
  • Interview or promotion
  • Public speaking
  • Performance
  • Athletes
  • Animals – spiders, dogs, rats, insects are all common
  • Social situations, with friends or strangers

What other situations can you think of that you might feel anxious about?

Anxiety isn’t just a negative state, this can help us progress in life and strive for our goals. We use anxiety for entertainment when we watch scary movies, go on roller coaster rides and play scary computer games.

Things that make us anxious can be seen as something to avoid or something to conquer. How could your life be improved just by using this simple thought change?

Listen to this week’s podcast for my 5 top tips to help you overcome morning routine stress.

Today’s hypnotherapy audio includes techniques you can use to reduce anxiety and release old negative habits to make room from new more helpful habits. There are many techniques that we can use to help you improve your mornings so if you find you need more help visit www.altptherapies.co.uk to have a bespoke recording made for you with your challenges in mind.

Thanks for listening, see you next week!